Student Leadership

The Prefects, Student Representative Council and House Officials are important student groups who contribute to a supportive environment and enable the development of leadership qualities within the student body.

Prefects: There are twelve Prefects elected from Year 12 and four from Year 11.  These students are expected at all times to be good role models for the student community and take up their responsibility to lead the student community in both the day to day operation of the College and at special events and functions during the school year.

SRC: The Student Representative Council (SRC) members are elected by each Home Class.  SRC members from Years 5 to 12 attend meetings weekly and are also expected to show initiative in supporting the ethos of the College, be willing to donate their own time to community outreach events, and be enthusiastic and positive in their support of their Home Class.

House Captains: Opportunities are provided for students to establish supportive relationships within their house groups whereby older students provide mentoring, encouragement and assistance to younger students within the College community.

There are four houses, each with two Captains (from Year 12) and a Primary Captain (Year 6).

GUZMAN (Blue) in honour of St Dominic
SIENA (Green) in honour of St Catherine of Siena
COLUMBA (Red) in honour of Mother Rose Columba Adams
AQUINAS (Gold) in honour of St Thomas Aquinas


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