Pastoral Care

St Dominic's Priory College provides a comprehensive education where spiritual, physical, intellectual and emotional growth complement each other.

Pastoral Care Program

Our Pastoral Care Program is based upon those Catholic principles which assert the uniqueness of each person and the importance of promoting each person's self-esteem in a secure and loving environment.

From Reception to Year 7, the class teachers are responsible for the wellbeing of students each day.

From Years 8-12, each class has two homeroom teachers and each year level has a designated Year Level Coordinator who are all responsible for the wellbeing of students.  In the secondary school, homeroom teachers see students each morning in class period, and lessons are allocated each week to deliver a formalised Pastoral Care Program for each year level.

In addition, the school has a Student Counsellor who provides counselling and support for students.

Student wellbeing is nurtured by programs which are designed to enhance a student's self-esteem, decision-making abilities, communication skills, and ability to deal with stress and build resilience. 

Relationships between families, teachers and students are seen as most important and are fostered through involvement in Parent-Teacher Evenings, school community activities such as the annual Fete, Gala Day, and school camps.

If you have any concerns about your daughter's progress, the first person to contact is the Class Teacher.  In the Primary School you may also wish to contact the Primary Coordinator.  In the Secondary School, you could also contact the designated Year Level Coordinator or the Deputy Principal (Student Wellbeing).  Subject teachers in the secondary school are also connected with student welfare and academic progress.


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