Primary School (Reception - Year 6)

Weekly, all students in Reception to Years 6 have a music lesson with their class. They regularly perform at College Assemblies and school events.  Music lessons include singing, listening, appreciation, instruments and composing. The College has performers visit to supplement the curriculum program.  Annually, the Year 6 class choir are involved in the Catholic School's Music Festival. Students are also involved in Liturgical Music lessons.  Songs practiced in Liturgical Music are used in College and class masses and celebrations.

Individual, private lessons are also available from Specialist Instrumental and Voice teachers. Currently students are able to learn piano, violin and guitar.


Secondary School (Year 7 - Year 12)


Courses in Classroom Music for students in Middle School to Senior School are aimed at a balance of practical skill, application of theoretical knowledge, and the exploration of creativity, through the creation of original music. Musicianship is both an academic pursuit and a vital creative outlet, and the Music curriculum is created with consideration of both objectives at its core.

Co-Curricular Music:

Music has a high profile in the co-curricular life of St Dominic's Priory College. Student musicians play an important role at events such as Masses, Liturgies, Assemblies, the College Fete, the College Musical, community events, Annual Music Concert and the Catholic School's Music Festival.

Instrumental and Vocal Tuition:

Lessons are offered at the College with specialist instructors for students, at any year level. All Music students from Years 9 to 12 can take instrumental or vocal lessons and have the option of taking them through the College's Music program.

Lessons are available in:

  • Alto Saxophone
  • Bass Guitar
  • Cello
  • Clarinet
  • Flute
  • Guitar
  • Percussion/drums
  • Piano
  • Violin
  • Voice


The College Musical:

Students have the opportunity to participate in the rich learning experience of a biennial Musical Production, culminating in public performances. Rehearsals are held after school hours during Terms 1 and 2 and during Term 1 school holidays.

The College offers students a breadth of musical ensemble experiences through:

  • College Choir
  • Concert Orchestra
  • String Orchestra
  • Rock Band
  • Senior Vocal Ensemble
  • School Musical Orchestra
  • Liturgical Music Ensemble

Experienced senior students have an opportunity to apply for leadership roles as:

  • Choir Leader
  • String Orchestra Leader
  • Concert Orchestra Leader
  • Senior Vocal Ensemble Leader


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