The Indian Pilgrimage

Aspire to be more, not have more

Be the change you want to see in the world

St Dominic's Priory College strives to develop qualities of care and compassion through outreach and service in the community. The Indian Pilgrimage provides an opportunity for students to participate in what for most students, is a life changing experience.

The aims of the Pilgrimage are:

  • To develop a team approach to working to improve the lives of disadvantaged children and adults. This is done through student and parent organised fundraising to support the projects of the Dare 2 Dream Foundation and the  Indian Center for Integrated Development and through students undertaking two volunteer placements in India.
  • Foster self-growth and encourage students to move beyond their comfort zone
  • Authentically experience another culture by living, visiting and engaging with local people
  • To see and experience another country in a way that tourists don't
  • Develop intercultural understanding
  • For students to make a lifelong commitment to use their talents and resources to assist others
  • To foster links with the global Dominican community

Details of the Pilgrimage

In December the Pilgrimage group spends nearly a month in India volunteering at the crèche run by the Dominican sisters in Bangalore, at the Yuva Jyothi Children's Home in Nagpur and also travelling to Mumbai, Delhi, Agra and Jaipur to see some of the historical and cultural sites in India, including the Taj Mahal.

Year 10 students wanting to be a Pilgrim, are required to attend an information session, submit an application and attend an interview. Students are required to fund part of the trip themselves. All of the fundraising is in aid of the charities and is in no way used to subsidise the cost of the trip for students.

Once selected, students attend regular meetings for 18 months to prepare for the trip and to organise fundraising events. There is an orientation prior to departure and parents, students and staff regularly meet. The Pilgrimage takes place at the end of Year 11 every two years. St Dominic's Priory College is building a history of Pilgrimages with this biannual trip.

What do the student's think?

"The three weeks spent in India were eye-opening experience for all involved. Whether it was being immersed a brand new culture, the extreme poverty that surrounded us or even the love and generosity that we were  always shown despite this, India was an unforgettable experience in every possible way. For this opportunity we would like to thank staff for accompanying us and the school  community for being so generous with donations as well as their continuous support. The pilgrimage had been a journey that brought considerable changes to everyone involved, and though it is now over the experiences had and people met will never be forgotten."

Van N., Nicole D. and Amelia P.


" It is hard to put the Pilgrimage experience into words. Our group of thirteen had been working towards the trip for over a year and it had become a part of our lives at St Dominic's. Whilst in India we were able to see the transformations occurring in the communities for whom we raised money. However our own lives have been altered just as much."      

Jude H.


In 2012 St Dominic's Priory College was awarded the National Anti- poverty Award in recognition of the significant work the staff and students have done to help the disadvantaged and poor in India and Australia.

The Dare 2 Dream Foundation

Past Pilgrims, parents, staff at St Dominic's Priory College, friends and interested members of the community have established a charity called the Dare 2 Dream Foundation Inc. It is a charity recognised by The Australian government with tax deductibility status for donations made to it.

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