Camps & Excursions

At St Dominic's Priory College, we believe in the provision of a balanced education where the spiritual, physical, intellectual and emotional growth are seen as complementary.

Education outside the classroom is a powerful tool as it combines physical, psychological and social skills, and develops the opportunity to strengthen positive staff-student relationships. These opportunities provide an avenue for girls to experience success in a variety of settings, where individual talents are more likely to be recognised.

Currently St Dominic's Priory College is engaged in a range of education outside the classroom offerings that both support and enrich the curriculum. These include:

  • Year 6 Camp
  • Year 7 Camp (3 days)
  • Year 7 French Film excursion
  • Year 7 Retreat
  • Year 8 Camp (3 days)
  • Year 8 Overnight Zoo excursion
  • Year 8 French Film excursion
  • Year 8 Meet the Writers Festival
  • Year 9 Camp (3 days)
  • Year 9 Botanic Gardens excursion
  • Year 10 Surfing excursion
  • Year 10 Australian Young Christian Students Leaders Day
  • Year 10 Work Experience
  • Year 11 Retreat
  • Year 11 Canberra Trip (5 days)
  • Year 11 Biology Camp
  • Year 11 Geography excursion
  • Year 11 Chemistry excursion
  • Year 11 Indian Pilgrimage
  • Year 12 Overnight Retreat
  • Year 12 Tourism excursion
  • Year 12 Tourism camp (Flinders Ranges, 4 days)
  • Year 12 Geography Field Trip
  • Year 12 Aquatics excursion (West Lakes Aquatics Centre, over 3 days)

Primary School Excursions:   Students in Reception to Years 5 do not have overnight camps as such, but have excursions and incursions during the school day. These often relate to areas of study and experiences might include; the Art Gallery, Museums, the Planetarium, Botanic Gardens, Cultural performances, entertainment, and events. There are also many sport based activities on offer to students.  These students also take part in community based walks and experiences, such as visits to the library and the Helping Hand Centre.


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