Vision Statement

Our College community shares a commitment to the following values and goals:

  • The Gospel of Jesus. The development of the person finds its fulfilment in Jesus Christ and the values of the Gospel.

  • The primary role of parents as educators

  • The integration of the beliefs and traditions of the Catholic Faith into daily life

  • The value of each person in the community and the importance of promoting each person's self esteem in a secure and loving environment

  • The education of girls in an environment fully supportive of their learning needs and aspirations

  • The value of inner discipline in the development of character and in the achievement of individual excellence

  • The provision of a balanced education where spiritual, physical, intellectual and emotional growth are seen as complementary

  • The value of joy and enthusiasm in the school's daily life

  • The importance of student outreach in service to the wider community

  • A pride and engagement in the school's Dominican traditions and approach to education

  • A recognition and appreciation of the school's cultural diversity

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