Liturgy in the Life of the College

At St Dominic's Priory College we aim to provide a place for celebrating the significant events of both the Christian church and the College itself. As a specifically Catholic school it is fitting that we provide a venue for celebrating the seasons of the church such as Lent and Easter, and as a specifically Dominican College we can emphasise events which are significant in the life of the Order, such as St Dominic's Day.

We seek to educate all students in this community, in the planning and conduct of liturgy by enabling and encouraging them to participate as fully as possible in liturgical celebrations: in reading the scriptures, writing and reading the intercessory prayers, preparing and delivering reflections, acting as eucharistic ministers and by being involved in liturgical movement, singing, and processions. It would be hoped that by the time girls leave St Dominic's Priory College that they would be able to plan or at least assist in planning liturgical celebrations.


Major Liturgical Events in the Life of the School

Term One

Family Mass (supported by the Parents and Friends)

Investiture Mass

Easter Mass

Term Two

Liturgy of Reconciliation (followed by opportunity for the First Rite of Reconciliation)

Vinnies Mass

Term Three

St Dominic's Day Mass

Term Four

End of the Year Mass


Further Liturgical Events

Each Friday morning, mass is held in the College Chapel at 8.15am. On each occasion, a different class together with their Religious Education teacher, is responsible for the preparation and conduct of the eucharistic liturgy.

Every morning in Class Period, students also conduct a short morning prayer in which all are invited and have the opportunity to speak their own prayer intentions.

At the end of each term, prayers are offered at the beginning of official College assemblies. Again, a number of students have an opportunity to participate by reading, composing prayers, or play a role in some kind of liturgical action.



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