Dominican Heritage, History and Vision

St Dominic's Priory College first opened its doors in Molesworth Street, North Adelaide in February 1884, only six months after the pioneering Sisters from Stone in Staffordshire arrived in August 1883. Although originally intending to engage in nursing work, the Sisters' circumstances changed and they decided, in the words of the first Prioress Mother Rose Columba Adams; " begin our advanced School to pay the rent, as well as to benefit our neighbours".

Over one hundred and thirty years later we give thanks for the wisdom, courage and endurance of this small group of Dominican Sisters who began our service to the education of children and youth in Adelaide.

Since then the College has been functioning continuously, serving students coming from all parts of Adelaide from Reception to Year 12.

The College's spiritual heritage goes back to the founder of the Dominican Order, Dominic De Guzman born in Caleruega, Spain in 1170. Through the 800 years of its history Dominican Priests, Sisters, Brothers and lay Tertiaries have been called to witness the good news in the way that Dominic did, by preaching and teaching to people of all ages in all countries.

"Veritas" "Truth" is the Dominican motto and our College motto.

The Dominican ideal is characterised by a commitment to truth explored in dialogue, a critical appreciation of culture and cultures, a love of the beautiful and a vibrant preaching of the Gospel. Our goal in the College is to foster these values, together with a spirit of prayer and contemplation, respect for the dignity and uniqueness of each person, and the pursuit of excellence. We hope to prepare students to meet the challenges of today, to share their gifts responsibly and make a difference in the world.


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