PE Week

Posted by St Dominic's Priory College on 21 November 2018
PE Week

Read all about PE Week at St Dominic's in the Week 6 Bulletin, online now.

Upcoming Dates

  • Final Parents & Friends Meeting and Fete Committee Meeting TONIGHT (Wednesday 21 November)
  • Your family's RSVP to the End of Year Mass is due FRIDAY 23 NOVEMBER.  As seating is limited, tickets may not be assured after this date.
  • Year 6 Graduation BBQ is on Wednesday 28 November

Get the Week 6, Term 4 Bulletin online now.

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Posted by St Dominic's Priory College on 14 November 2018

November is a time when all of us at school are transiting from one year to the next. Students begin or end their exams and others are involved in fun activities like Year 8 with Picnic in the Park.  Some students in our junior years have just been to Children's University graduation ceremony at Adelaide University, to receive their certificates for work accomplished in their own time.  Year 12 students are finishing their exams and will soon have time to think of the two major transition events which celebrate their movement from school days viz., the End of Year Mass and the Graduation Ball.

Upcoming Events

  • Primary Twilight Assembly: Tuesday 20 November
  • Final Parents & Friends Committee and Fete Committee meeting(s) for 2018: Wednesday 21 November
  • Year 6 Graduation: Wednesday 28 November
  • End of Year Mass of Thanksgiving: Tuesday 4 December - invitations coming home THIS FRIDAY

Get the Week 5, Term 4 Bulletin online now

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A Time to Shine

Posted by St Dominic's Priory College on 7 November 2018
A Time to Shine

Week 4 Bulletin

This week's Bulletin is a challenge for any parent reader.  It is full of interest, but 10 pages in all.  You will find throughout a record of an amazing array of awards which our students from Primary right through to Year 12 have won as individuals.  In terms of group interaction within the wider community, there are some beautiful stories of visits last week by St Dominic's students to the Flora MacDonald Retirement Community to read their poetry, and on Monday a visit by the Year 6 class to help celebrate in song and re-enactment of the life and legacy of Venerable Mary Potter, founder of the sisters of the Little Company of Mary.

Acknowledgements of the hundreds of generous people and businesses who supported St Dominic's Fete are also listed in this week's Bulletin.  Read it online now.

Upcoming Dates:

  • Thursday 8 November: Year 11 Drama Production of 'Fading Flowers'.  7pm in the College Hall.  Tickets at the door.

  • Wednesday 21 November: Parents & Friends committee AGM at 7:20pm, to be followed by final 2018 Fete Committee meeting at 8pm.

  • Tuesday 4 December: End of Year Mass.  Details coming home next week.

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How would you describe the FETE?

Posted on 31 October 2018
How would you describe the FETE?

There was the aroma of delicious food wherever you went; wonderful bands, vocal and dance entertainment to lift your spirits; books to boost your home shelves; rare and wonderful classic treasures; high quality craft items; crazy rides; lucky dips to delight; spins at the well-stocked chocolate wheel; salon hair and nails, fabulous items at the auction; and, at the Rose Café, time to sip tea with the sounds of jazz in the background.  Best of all was the friendly vibe around the Fete as people chatted with friends, relatives and past parents and students.  To top it all we certainly give thanks to God for perfect weather!

See all the photos from Fete in the Week 3, Term 4 Bulletin online now.

In other news:

  • Growth Mindset Day in the Primary School
  • Year 10 Commerce run their own business(es)
  • Year 11 Drama Production details - one week to go until 'Fading Flowers'
  • Our talented SDPC Poets attend the AETA Spring Poetry Festival Anthology Launch, and other news from the Creative Writing Club

Week 3 Term 4 Bulletin online now.

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The Final Countdown to FETE!

Posted by St Dominic's Priory College on 24 October 2018
The Final Countdown to FETE!

Sunday 28 October

We are just about ready to open the gates on the biggest annual community and fundraising event at St. Dominic's: the 2018 Fete and Auction, this Sunday!  Thanks to the generosity of the College community over past weeks, and family involvement this coming Saturday and Sunday, we are in an excellent position for a really good family day.  By now Parent Volunteers will have received their acknowledgement of the time and stall which they have signed up to.  The Parents & Friends Fete Committee is very grateful for the support!

Final Reminders

  • Cake Stall CAKES would be gratefully received in the Hall on Fete day or left at school on Friday.  Please ensure an ingredients label is attached (see back page of today's Bulletin)
  • Afternoon Tea Stall: If you are a parent in Years 11 or 12 then cake/scones etc. are still "the go," but your product goes to the success of the Afternoon Tea Stall.  Your kind donations can be left in the 9B classroom.  The Afternoon Tea stall is also appealing for donations of RED JAM
  • Art Union Raffle: The success of the FETE Raffle with its excellent cash prizes is key to the overall financial result.  Please return all books by Friday.
  • Auction: This year's Live Auction will be complimented by a bumper Silent Auction.  Doors open in the Hall at 11am.  Be sure to follow our Facebook event page for all the latest Auction news.  The Live Auction Catalogue is available here.
  • Entertainment: Please note that this year's Fete has a wonderful line up of Bands, Dance, and Strings at several locations during the day.
  • Late Start Monday: Classes begin at 10 minutes to 11am.  Any students who are here at normal time because they were not at the Fete will be supervised in the Library.  No student has permission to be in the city before school in our uniform.

The Week 2, Term 4 Bulletin is online now.

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