A must this week

Posted by St Dominic's Priory College on 28 August 2019
A must this week

Fete 2019 Roster!

The upcoming Fete meeting is on next Wednesday 4 September at 7:30pm and all of you are welcome.  This dedicated group of parent convenors have been working consistently over the past 3 months.  They do need and appreciate your help!  Each year, parents/guardians are asked to volunteer two hours on this day, by signing up to the Fete roster: https://stdo.ms/Fete19

In this week's Bulletin, there is a visual graph of stalls especially needing support.  For this community event, the saying holds true; 'It takes a village to raise a child'.  Your time and generosity are appreciated by our community and, most importantly, your daughter/s.

Also This Week:

  • We look forward to welcoming Year 10 & 11 families to Subject Counselling tomorrow, Thursday 29 August

  • Photos from last Sunday's Old Scholars' Association Afternoon High Tea 

  • Book Week and Science Week in review

  • Winter Season sport - final results are in!  Congratulations to all teams on a well-played season.

  • News from the Environment Club

  • Photos from the Year 12 Drama Production of 'Bumpy Angels'

Get the Week 6 Bulletin online now.

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Migrant and Refugee Week 2019

Posted by St Dominic's Priory College on 21 August 2019
Migrant and Refugee Week 2019

Jesus compels us to welcome the stranger

- Matthew 25:35

This College has a long history of hospitality and welcome, which we are proud of.  Welcome involves an attitude of openness and acceptance.  We celebrate this week every day here at St Dominic's, as our enrolment profile is richly diverse and includes indigenous, local, international, migrant and refugee students; each with their own family story of hope.  The gifts past and present students have bought to St Dominic's have enhanced the fabric of this community and learning environment, as it gives students an opportunity to learn from each other's perspectives and experiences, on a daily basis.

Coming Up

  • Year 12 Drama Production 'Bumpy Angels' - Thursday 22 and Friday 23 August in the College Hall.  Tickets at the door from 7pm.

  • Parent Teacher Interviews are on Monday 26 August.  Online booking for these appointments close 3pm Friday 23 August

  • Year 10 & 11 Subject Counselling is on Thursday 29 August.  Attendance is required.  Online booking closes 4pm Friday 23 August

  • Pot Planting Morning is 9am this Saturday 24 August.  Located at the top of the Barnard Street driveway, outside the Tuckshop.

  • Old Scholars' Afternoon High Tea is on Sunday 25 August.  See inside today's Bulletin for more details.  RSVPs close Wednesday 21 August

Fete News

  • The Week 5 Fete Appeal is Tinned Food for the Produce Stall and $2 for Lucky Dip

  • Contributions towards the 2019 Class Hampers for Auction are due Friday 23 August.  Donations of other items, for the main Auction, are welcome anytime.

  • Sign up to the Parent Roster today here and be part of your daughter's experience here at St Dominic's.  There are over a dozen stalls to choose form and hundreds of timeslots still available.  


The Week 5 Term 3 Bulletin is online now.

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Science Week 2019

Posted by St Dominic's Priory College on 14 August 2019
Science Week 2019

Destination Moon: More Missions, More Science

This week, National Science Week, is an annual celebration of Science in Australia.  With 2019 marking 50 years since the Moon Landing, this year's theme explores:

  • The scientists, engineers, chemists, designers, mathematicians, flight directors, software experts, aerospace technicians who made the NASA Apollo 11 Mission a success;

  • The space technologies and designs that have made more missions into space possible;

  • Future ambitions of the space industry being prototyped today, with plans to return to the Moon and other destinations in our solar system.

In today's Bulletin, we showcase the Year 4's adventures in space, via Virtual Reality (VR) googles.  

If you would like to take part in any Science Week events visit https://www.scienceweek.net.au/ and check out what's happening around the state.

Also in the Week 4 Bulletin

  • The Library prepares for Book Week, with a timely nod to the Moon Landing with its creative display

  • Check out the poster for the Year 12 Drama Production of 'Bumpy Angels' - debuting next Thursday, for two nights only. Tickets at the door.

  • Information about the upcoming Parent-Teacher Interviews has been sent home to Year 6-12 families, but the key points are covered inside today's Bulletin.  Please ensure you have finalised your bookings by 3pm Friday 23 August.

  • The 2018 Commonwealth Compliance Report is now available online.

  • SACPSSA State Cross Country results are in.  Well done to all of our Year 3-7 runners!

  • We report on the 2019 Dominican Cup

  • Year 9-12 Maths students participated in the MASA Quiz Night at Blackfriars Priory School

  • Year 8 French hosted a 'Travel Expo' for the Year 5 Class.

  • The Old Scholars' Afternoon High Tea is on Sunday 25 August.  Celebrate the unveiling of the new water feature, located in the garden of the new Sr Jillian Havey Centre for senior students.  More details inside the Bulletin

  • The Week 4 Fete Appeal is for the Lucky Dip Stall.  Sign up to the Parent Roster today, here.

Get the Week 4 Term 3 Bulletin online here

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St Dominic's Day Mass 2019

Posted by St Dominic's Priory College on 7 August 2019
St Dominic's Day Mass 2019

The much-anticipated holiday for the Feast of St Dominic
will be enjoyed by all at the College on this Friday 9 August

Week 3 Bulletin

  • The process of Subject Selection for 2020 has begun - see the front page of today's Bulletin for more information.
  • Our Year 6 Class hosted Friday Morning Mass, followed by a lovely morning of scrapbooking with their visiting family members
  • In celebration of SALA, the Art Faculty arranged a bright and colourful pop up Art Gallery in the College cloisters
  • Photos from this week's St Dominic's Day Mass are in
  • Technology Club reports on the fruition of its exciting Semester 1 project
  • Year 11 students return from the Canberra Trip with photos and news

Appeals and Requests

  • CHOCOLATE DRIVE: If you are a part of a chocolate loving organisation or family, there are extra boxes of Parents & Friends Cadbury's fundraiser chocolates available for sale. Ask for more details at the College Office.

  • FETE ROSTER: Many hands make light work, as we work to improve your daughter's learning environment. It is that time of the year, where we ask you to make your choice for the 2019 Parent Fete Roster. Last week information via email was sent. Sign Up online now

  • FETE & AUCTION NEWS: The back page of this week's Bulletin is full of special Fete updates and requests. 
    Mark yourself as 'interested' or 'going' to the Fete & Auction event page on Facebook to keep up to date with all the latest announcements

The Week 3 Term 3 Bulletin is online now

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Sound the mighty Dominic praises

Posted by St Dominic's Priory College on 31 July 2019
Sound the mighty Dominic praises

In early August, we celebrate with thanksgiving the life of our founder St Dominic de Guzman; born in Caluerega, Northern Spain, in 1170. After so many centuries, why is it that this humble but very self-motivated man has left such a mark on so many millions of Christians around the world?  Schools across Australia will, over the next week and a half, celebrate the life of St Dominic. Each one of our students will have, by the time they have completed their education in a Dominican school, their own answers about Dominic; a humble "Trail Blazer" for Christ.

St Dominic's Priory College will celebrate St Dominic's Day Mass on Tuesday 6 August; to be followed by St Dominic's Day Holiday on Friday 9 August.

In this Bulletin:

  • Our Year 11s have had a busy start to the term, with 19 students visiting the Nation's Capital and a further five participating in the Common Ground Conference; joining representatives from other Dominican schools in Adelaide.
  • As part of their Religion Unit on 'Care for Creation', Year 7s gathered in the Hall to raise awareness of the impact of fast fashion on our environment.
  • The Year 4 Class demonstrated their dedication and initiative, organising a bake and craft stall to raise money for the Primary Outdoor Classroom.  They raised a commendable $520 to help set up an outdoor reading space, games area and greenery.
  • Our Reception and Year 1s have been busy creating an interesting display highlighting all the different jobs our parent community are involved in (see picture).

Upcoming Dates

  • Parents & Friends Meeting is TONIGHT, Wednesday 31 July, followed immediately thereafter by the Fete Committee Meeting
  • School Photo Day is Thursday 1 August.  Full Winter Uniform is to be worn.  Students are reminded to bring their envelope, to hand to the photographer.
  • St Dominic's Day Mass is 11:30am Tuesday 6 August.
  • St Dominic's Day Holiday is Friday 9 August.  The College will be CLOSED.

Fete & Auction News

  • Week 2 Appeal: This week's Fete Appeal is $2 for the Pot Plant Stall.
  • All-at-Once donations are due Monday 12 August
  • Class Hampers: Information about the 2019 Class Hampers for the Auction has now been sent home.  The return date is Friday 23 August.
  • Pot Planting Morning: The first Pot Planting morning for 2019 is Saturday 24 August, from 9am.  

Follow the Fete & Auction event page on Facebook for all the latest updates and Fete & Auction news!


The Week 2, Term 3 Bulletin is online now.


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