Parent Engagement

Posted by St Dominic's Priory College on 21 February 2018
Parent Engagement

In This Week's Bulletin:

  • There was some emphasis at each of the Parent Teacher nights on the key role parents play in providing boundaries for the safe use of technology.  Advice was given about:

  1. The importance of abiding by the legislation which makes it illegal to create a social media account until a child turns 13.
  2. Comprehensive but targeted info on the "Responsible Home Use of Social Media and Communication Devices."
  3. Information about the inherent risks of various social media platforms and apps; such as Wattpad - see inside today's Bulletin for more information.
  • The 2018 Sports Day Roster is now online.  Every family is asked to donate time to one activity for one hour and in this way enable those with extra responsibilities to watch their daughters' events.
  • Everything you need to know about the 2018 Old Scholars' Mass on Sunday March 4

  • There are still tickets left available for Sunday's fundraising screening of Finding Your Feet

  • Get your Coles Sports for Schools vouchers in now, and help support St Dominic's! 

  • Parents & Friends Meeting TONIGHT (Wednesday 21 February): We look forward to your company tonight at 7:30pm in the College Reception area.  All welcome.

Get your Week 4, Term 1 Bulletin online now.

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Lent Begins

Posted by St Dominic's Priory College on 14 February 2018
Lent Begins

Ash Wednesday

Each one of your children will have taken part in the Ash Wednesday ceremony of the Ashes by the time you see them tonight.  They know that:

"Lent is a time to stop and think about how we can play our part in God's hope for a world that is fair, just and peaceful.  Lent is a time when we think about the changes we can make in our lives, a time when we can examine our relationship with God

We are helped in doing this by making a Lenten sacrifice that calls on our resilience and courage.

This Week's News

There is a great deal to read, and photographs and art work to enjoy in this week's Bulletin

  • We unveil the beautiful Rose tile mosaic that has been installed as part of the Sr Mary Anne Holland Memorial; located in the Art Courtyard.
  • Wellbeing Day
  • News from the Library
  • Project Compassion begins 'for a just future'.
  • Sports News: Round 1 of Sport begins this week, with Water Polo on Thursday night and other games on Saturday morning.  The Sports Department is now seeking parents to volunteer as Officials at Sports Day on Sunday 25 March.
  • We feature photos and the Gospel Reflection from last Sunday's Family Mass
  • The Parents & Friends Committee are seeking donations for the Sports Day Raffle.


  • The first Parents & Friends Commitee Meeting for 2018 is on Wednesday 21 February from 7:30pm in the College Reception Area. 
  • There are still tickets left available for the Indian Pilgrimage Fundraising Screening of Find Your Feet See inside the Bulletin for more information.
  • Coles Sport for Schools - The Primary School are again collecting vouchers for Sports Equipment.  Don't forget to ask at the register for your vouchers - 1 voucher for every $10 spent!  There will be a collection box in the Primary School, or you can drop them off at the College Reception @139 Molesworth.

Get the Week 3, Term 1 Bulletin online now.

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A Busy Week 1!

Posted by St Dominic's Priory College on 7 February 2018
A Busy Week 1!

Parent Commitments Grow...

By now you are juggling the many commitments which come from being a parent of children who often at more than one school.  Each son and daughter is equally important and at the end of a working day probably the last thing you feel like doing is going to a Parent Information Night.  And yet you know as do we that it is only together that the best outcomes are achieved.  We look forward to meeting you at each of the Parent information nights beginning with Primary Years this week.

Year 11 - 12:  Monday 12 February
Year 7 - 8:      Wednesday 14 February

Year 9 - 10:    Monday 19 February

Important Information

  • Road Safety: All schools in the city and North Adelaide area have received an important letter from the Adelaide City Council concerning the number of drivers who park illegally in the vicinity of schools and the safety issues that this causes.  The main problems occur at school start and finish.  St. Dominic's has its share of drivers who need to respond to this request.  It is true, as the letter states, that it is often parents with children attending the schools that put their own children at risk.  We wish to remind families to not double park, or stop in the line of traffic when dropping off or picking up children.  Parking officers and SAPOL will monitor the road rules at schools and issue fines for infringement.  Thank you for your support.

  • Family Mass: Sincere thanks to those who have sent in their replies to come along with your family to the Family Mass on this Sunday 11 Feb, at 9:30am.  The Parents and Friends will host the Morning Tea after Mass and it will be a perfect time to enjoy a cup of tea and rejoice in the milder sunshine.  We are grateful to the number of parent volunteers offering to help with serving refreshments.  If you would like to get involved, and help fill the roster, you can sign up here:

  • Indian Pilgrimage Movie Fundraiser Screening: On Sunday 25 February, the Capri Theatre, Goodwood will play host to an exclusive fundraiser screening of Finding Your FeetPlease see inside today's Bulletin for details on how you can get Tickets.

  • Financial Assistance: Families are reminded that Applications for School Fee Assistance are required to be returned to the Accounts Office, along with supporting documentation, no later than Friday 16 February.   

Also in Today's Bulletin:

  • Photos and news from Year 8 Camp, Year 12 Retreat, and the Australian Student Leaders Conference (held during the School Holidays).

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Back to School

Posted by St Dominic's Priory College on 31 January 2018
Back to School

Week 1 Bulletin is Now Online

The 2018 College community is up and running, and ready to welcome you in this our 134th year of operation.  Whether you are a new or returning family, the Week 1 Bulletin is one you do not want to miss, for it includes important information for the year ahead:

  • Uniform Shop Opening Hours
  • Upcoming Dates
  • 2018 Staff List
  • College Planner & Policies
  • 2017 ATAR Results
  • Term 1 Sports Nominations
  • News from MYP
  • Parents & Friends Committee Welcome
  • Summer Tuckshop Menu
  • Invitation to Family Mass

Get the Week 1 Bulletin online here

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End of Year Mass 2017

Posted by St Dominic's Priory College on 6 December 2017
End of Year Mass 2017

Last night's End of Year Mass was an inspiring culmination of the 2017 school year.  Congratulations to all our students for leading us so well.  See inside today's Bulletin for more!

Other highlights include:

  • We recently received a thank you from the Australian Migrant Resource Centre, thanking our Reception families for their very generous donation of seven educational backpacks for new arrival children of refugee background.  Read the notice online here

  • The Year 3 Class went for their final visit to Helping Hand Residential Aged Care.

  • We commend the efforts of a Year 10 student who, as part of her Personal Project, raised nearly $900 for the Mary Potter Foundation's Walk for Love.

  • Year 6 celebrated their Graduation from the Primary School with a presentation evening and family BBQ.

  • There's news from the Sports Department, including information about how to order Term 4 Sports Photos.

  • The 2017 Parents & Friends Report is published.

Get the Week 8, Term 4 Bulletin online now.

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