Common Ground

Posted by St Dominic's Priory College on 25 July 2018
Common Ground

Welcome to Term 3

Term 3 could certainly be a contender for the most interesting and action packed term in a school year!  This week sees a party of Year 11s visit the nation's capital, the Year 12 Trial Exams begin, and on Friday the Year 2s will be leading our Chapel Mass in the presence of their grandparents.  Yesterday we had a visit from two Dominican preachers from the USA who are visiting to work with students in our Dominican schools in understanding the nature of Dominic's mission and the ways in which his fidelity to the Gospel can be carried out by Dominicans young and otherwise.  Do read the article written by our Year 11 Representatives who joined students from Dominican schools in Australia and New Zealand at the conference called, "Common Ground" during the term holidays.

This term will also include the orientation of our Year 8 2019 students, as well as the new Year 7s 2019 as they transition from Parish Primary Schools. 

Over the road on the site of our new Year 12 Centre, work is progressing at an excellent rate.  The photo shows some of the building committee viewing the interior work.  One of the most "High-tech" operations was last week's installation of fibre optic cable under the road from our new Hill Street site to our current campus.

FETE 2018

Our school community needs assistance as we all bring together a successful 2018 Fete in a year when our new building is drawing on additional funds.  Parents new to St. Dominic's need to be aware that your generous response to every week's appeal for help will be of enormous value in stocking the wonderful Auction and the stalls which make up our grand Fete.  More than that however is our need for people to join the teams of convenors who run each stall and the wonderful Auction. 

Please spend a little time reading the FETE and AUCTION overview in this week's Bulletin, available online here.

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The Last Week of Term

Posted by St Dominic's Priory College on 4 July 2018
The Last Week of Term

The final Bulletin for Term 2

This week's Bulletin photos capture the essence of the beautifully staged 2018  production of "Peter Pan".  The energy and obvious commitment of the cast communicated the story and its characters to maximum effect.  The dancing sequences were stunning.  Everyone, whether lead characters or members of the ensembles, did their part.  The rapid and professional scene changes speak highly of the backstage crew.  Front of house and publicity, sound and lighting were equally professional.  The students know that they were in the fortunate position of being in the hands of an outstanding Director Ms Victoria Sayner, her highly skilled assistant Jessica Spagnuolo and the imaginative staging skills and commitment of David Curran, recently retired member of the SDPC staff.  Many other staff members supported this production and their names also appeared on the program.

Last Day of Term is a special day for obvious reasons.  Included in the events is a major end of term Assembly at which we will welcome two representatives of organisations who work in special ways for the community.  A dentist from Mercy Ship will come to receive a cheque from the 2018 Gala Day fundraising.  Mercy Ship takes health professionals into many disadvantaged places around the world where their services are given freely.  Closer to home are the North Adelaide Prospect St. Vincent De Paul group who will offer thanks to our community for their contributions to the Winter Appeal.

Dismissal on Friday 6 July will be at the normal time.

Term 3 will commence on Monday 23 July.

Have a good holiday everyone.

Get your Week 10 Term 1 Bulletin online here.


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One More Sleep!

Posted by St Dominic's Priory College on 27 June 2018
One More Sleep!

Peter Pan

The curtain goes up on Thursday night, with around 100 St. Dominic's students taking part onstage or backstage.  Prepare to be taken back to the first time you entered Neverland with Peter Pan and the Lost Boys, Pirates, and Indians all taking to the stage with great authenticity and energy!  Online ticket sales will close 9am Friday (9am Thursday for tomorrow's show) but there will still be plenty of great seats available AT THE DOOR on the night! 

For Parent Attention:

  • Careers Education Survey: Sincere thanks to those Year 10-12 parents who have so far taken the time to read the survey and send back their thoughts on our key programs for Careers Education.  We currently have about 48 replies and would love to get to 70 before reporting results.  Hardcopies of the survey can be requested from the College Office, or you can respond online here.

  • The annual Parents & Friends Chocolate Drive is one of the College's most successful fundraisers.  Chocolates have arrived and will soon be distributed.  We ask that if your family does NOT wish to receive a box, that you please let us know by completing the form at the back of the Bulletin and returning to the Office by tomorrow, Thursday 28 June.  Donatons in lieu of participation would be gratefully accepted, but not required.

Get the Week 9 Bulletin online here.
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Building Frameworks

Posted by St Dominic's Priory College on 20 June 2018
Building Frameworks

Year 12 Centre is Taking Shape!

The roof form and the steel work announce the arrival of a place in which all our students will experience an excellent learning environment.  Also in the vein of building frameworks...

  • Year 10s and Year 11s are dealing well with their half year exams this week.  While it can be a nervousness producing exercise, especially for Year 10s, exam week is certainly valuable practice for the years ahead in preparing students to work under time pressure.

  • St Dominic's Priory College will be hosting the Combined Schools Careers Expo in 2020 and the parent survey on Careers Education, being sent home with Year 10-12 students this week, will greatly assist in both its planning and in the delivery of careers education in the future.  A paper copy will be sent home in both English and Vietnamese, or you can take a moment now and complete the survey online here.  

  • The annual Parents & Friends Chocolate Drive is one of the College's most successful fundraisers.  Chocolates will be distributed in Week 10 and we ask families to refer to the back page of the Bulletin for important information about their family's participation.

Get the Week 8 Bulletin online here.


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A Week of Awards

Posted by St Dominic's Priory College on 13 June 2018
A Week of Awards

The Week 8 Bulletin showcases the recent successes of our scholars - current and old - across sporting, creative and professional pursuits.  Highlights:

  • We are proud to announce that the May edition of Oz Kids in Print features award winning stories and prose from nine St Dominic's students!  Download your free copy here.
  • We congratulate Old Scholar Margaret Ford, who on Monday was a recipient of an Order of Australia Medal (OAM) for her outstanding work in Education in South Australia. 
  • We congratulate Jess (Year 12) for placing first in her age division at the McAleer Open Championships

Also inside:

  • 2018 Prefect's Conference
  • Year 9 Middle School Leaders participated in yLead's Altitude Day.
  • The Year 1 Class celebrated Chinese Day
  • The Year 4 Class learned about Static Electricity and Sustainable Living
  • Languages Day!! Celebrating all things French and Italian with thanks to our LOTE Faculty
  • Year 9 Geography students completed a unit around Biomes and Food Security with a visit to The Food Forest
  • Year 10A Mathematics explored their STEM subject and career options at a Young Women in Technology Workshop at Adelaide University
  • Year 12 Tourism students investigated the practical applications of Tourism Sustainability with thanks to the Adelaide Zoo.
  • We give thanks to Sonya Ryan, CEO of the Carly Ryan Foundation, and her team who gave comprehensive presentations to students across Years 8 & 9 as well as a parent focused session on Tuesday 5 June.  The Carly Ryan Foundation is a certified online safety program provider under the Office of the eSafety Commissioner's certification scheme.
  • Important information about the 2018 Parents & Friends Chocolate Drive is enclosed.
  • Get your tickets to this month's School Production of Peter Pan online here.

Read the Week 7 Bulletin online here.

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