Learning Support

Primary School (Reception - Year 6)

In the Primary School, there is constant evaluation and assessment of teaching and learning programs and of the progress of individual students. 

Each year every child is assessed in Literacy and Numeracy at the beginning of the year.  All students are assessed against the Early Years Assessment Tool in their fifth term of school.  Regular discussions are held with the Inclusive Education Team, composed of the Director of the Junior School, the Inclusive Education Teacher, the Inclusive Education School Services Officer and teachers concerning the progress of all students.  

Where intervention is deemed necessary, to supplement classroom teaching, whether in extension teaching or extra support, this is available through in-class support, Learning Assistance Programs (LAP), or withdrawal (in groups or as individuals) to address any concerns. 

We can also utilise the services of Catholic Education through our Special Education Consultant.

Secondary School (Year 7 - Year 12)

Learning Support from Years 7 to 12 at St Dominic's Priory College works with students in a variety of ways.  Subject teachers provide a differentiated curriculum and teaching strategies to accommodate the diverse learning styles and needs of our students.  Students may also receive in-class support, small group support, after school/lunch time tutoring, or 1:1 tutoring, depending on their learning needs.  Support is tailored to individual student's needs and further special support and work adjustments may be identified and documented in an Individual Education Plan for students with diagnosed learning difficulties, disabilities or social/emotional difficulties.  

Student success is monitored regularly, in conjunction with families and classroom teachers, to review the changing needs of students in order to adjust support as necessary.  

The Learning Support Coordinator also provides support and advice for students and their families regarding subject selections, combined with Vocational Education & Training (VET) and other Pathway Programs, enabling students to select the correct options for them and to begin to map their future goals.  


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