Information Technology

Information Technology is integral to modern learning and therefore access to information technology is ensured, by every St Dominic's Priory College student in Years 6-12 having their own device which is uniform to their year level.  This is either a thin client or a laptop.

Students in Reception to Year 5 have ample access to a dedicated Computer Room with desktop computers.  There is also a set of laptops which are for classroom use and the College also has a small number of iPads to enhance teaching and learning.

All new students (Years 6-12) to St Dominic's Priory College hire a device from the College.  These devices are supported by the Information Technology staff at the College.  The entire campus is covered by a wireless network allowing students to access Information Technology both inside and outside classrooms.  Students are able to remotely access school based files, programs and learning materials.  Responsible and ethical use of Information Technology is covered within the College curriculum.

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