Enrolment Procedures

An 'Application for Enrolment' form is completed by parent or guardian and the College acknowledges receipt of this.  Prompt forwarding of this application is encouraged and your child's name then appears on our "Waiting List".  A copy of the most recent school report for your child should be enclosed with the application form (not required if applying for a Reception placement).

One to two years prior to the possible year of placement, contact is made by the College for an interview with parents and child on the basis of the written application and the criteria for selection adopted by St Dominic's Priory College.  At this interview parents will be required to supply a written reference from the Parish Priest or Pastor.

Should there be any particular information regarding your application which is not covered by the form and which should be taken into consideration please attach a covering letter.

Your contact with the Enrolment Registrar once a year is an indication of your continued interest.

DOWNLOAD: Application for Enrolment


The following guidelines are taken into account when considering individual applications:

Preference is given to

  • Catholic children from practising Catholic families.  First preference is given to children attending Primary Parish Schools
  • Sisters of students already admitted provided that the application does not displace earlier applicants
  • Children of Old Scholars
  • Students in special need of assistance (e.g. refugees)
  • Children from families of other religious beliefs who practice their Faith


Starting Guidelines

Primary [Reception to Year 6]

Students start in Reception at the beginning of Term 1.  There are no other intakes.

Students need to have turned 5 before 1 May for entry in Term 1 of that school year.  With a birthday after 1 May, children will start school in the following year.

Secondary [Year 7 to Year 12]

The major enrolment intake in the Secondary School takes place in Year 7.  

The Enrolment Office can assist in determining if there is an availability in other year levels.

Please contact the College for further details.

Guided Tours

As part of St Dominic's Priory College service to families wishing to enrol, we offer guided tours of the College. 

Please contact the College if you are interested in a tour.


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