St Dominics Priory College enforces strict e-mail policies to protect the safety of our users. Below are some of the common error codes you might receive from our servers.

  • Rejected due to SPF failure - The e-mail isn't originating from a server listed in your domains SPF records.
  • Rejected due to DKIM mismatch - The e-mail wasn't signed with the DKIM keys as listed in your domains DKIM policy.
  • Rejected due to DMARC failure - The e-mail rejected as it didn't pass DMARC checks.
  • Rejected due to reverse DNS mismatch - The reverse DNS hostname of your mail server doesn't match the EHLO/HELO hostname.
  • Rejected due to unsafe attachments - The e-mail attachment(s) were deemed unsafe and rejected by our servers.
  • Rejected due to malicious content - The contents of the e-mail were deemed to be malicious and rejected by our servers.
  • Rejected due to malicious network - The network the e-mail is originating from was deemed to be malcious so the e-mail was rejected.
  • Rejected due to MTA misconfiguration - The MTA delivering your email is not complying with RFC, contact your IT administrator for assistance.
  • Spam message rejected - Our filtering system deemed the e-mail to be spam.

If you believe your e-mail was rejected incorrectly, please contact it (at) or via phone from our contacts page for troubleshooting assistance.

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