The Parents & Friends Association

The Parents and Friends Association is a community of people who work together to support the education of students of St Dominic's Priory College.  This is achieved through community activities, social gatherings and fundraising.  The Association aims to support the College in its provision of Christian education in the Dominican tradition, in the joint goal of "educating girls for tomorrow".

Through its various community events, the Association raises funds that provide a significant contribution to projects within St Dominic's Priory College.  These directly benefit students and their learning.  To date, monies raised have enabled purchases in new technology and computing systems, new facility ventures and much more. 

The Parents & Friends sponsored events aim to foster a spirit of community, support and involvement for the families and friends of the girls at St Dominic's Priory College, within a Christian ethos of being caring and giving.  Parents can support their daughter by becoming involved in The Parents & Friends Association, in any way that suits their family's schedule.  Time commitments range from assisting for one hour on Sports Day, to helping organise a stall at the community Annual Fete.  To get involved, we welcome all to attend Parents & Friends meetings.  Meetings are held once a term and are advertised in advance in the weekly College Bulletin.

Events supported by The Parents & Friends Association include:

  • Family Mass (second Sunday in February)

  • Sports Day

  • Games Night

  • Chocolate Drive  

  • Annual Fete & Auction (last Sunday in October)

Parents and friends are invited along to meet some great people and forge some wonderful friends, whilst making the College community the best it can be for students.


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