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Sports Day 2018

Posted by St Dominic's Priory College on 21 March 2018
Sports Day 2018

Week 8 Bulletin

We are looking forward to greeting all our families at Sacred Heart College Somerton Park on this Sunday for the 2018 annual Sports Day.  It is a special day of friendly, but strong competition between the four Sports Houses.  We wish the captains and their vice captains the best of luck on the day.

Please read very carefully the list of reminders in today's Bulletin.

Also this Week:

  • Harmony Day is today, Wednesday 21 March
  • Australia-ASEAN Bridging Partnership Program
  • Our Primary and Secondary swimmers shine at last week's SACPSSA and SACSSGSA Swimming Carnivals
  • On Friday 16 March, St Dominic's joined with schools around the nation to mark the National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence.
  • Keep sending in your Coles Sports for Schools vouchers!
  • Everything you need to know about Sunday's Sports Day with a special program lift out for families to bring on the day!

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Sports Day is 25 March

Posted by St Dominic's Priory College on 14 March 2018
Sports Day is 25 March

Did You Know?

One of the reasons St. Dominic's keeps its Annual Sports Day on a Sunday is to enable us to interact as a community together and for you our parents to be involved with your daughter's school in ways that are not possible during the busy week at your workplace.

This year we are urgently in need, on some stalls, of more parent help to serve the many good things there are to eat and drink on the day.  Have you signed up yet?  If not please do so today:

Also in Today's Bulletin

  • Sports Day tips and additional information (especially useful to new parents!)
  • Primary Field Day
  • Year 4 visit the Botanical Gardens
  • SRC International Women's Day fundraiser
  • News from Year 12

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Old Scholars' Mass 2018

Posted by St Dominic's Priory College on 7 March 2018
Old Scholars' Mass 2018

Old Scholars' Mass 2018

Last Sunday's Old Scholars' Mass and Morning Tea was as special as ever.  As we pray and sing together in our beautiful Chapel we are reminded of how much we owe to our forbears who chose to establish St Dominic's Priory College and Chapel to begin a tradition which survives strongly today.  Sincere thanks to Old Scholars' Association President Annie Pfeiffer, to the members of the Old Scholars' Association Committee, and to all who worked behind the scenes to offer hospitality.  Special thanks to the Choir and to Mrs Courtney Day whose contribution was of such a beautiful quality.

To join the Old Scholars' Association and keep up to date with Old Scholar news and events, sign up (or update your details) here:

Also in today's Bulletin:

  • Parenting in the Digital Age cyber-safety tipsheet care of Telstra

  • Sports Day Roster is still in vital need of parent support.  Just one hour of your time on Sports Day can make a difference.  Sign up now here

  • SAPSASA Swimming Carnival

  • Festival Season at St Dominic's


  • IB Middle Years Programme Information Evening for Year 6-10 parents new to the IB MYP is on 7pm TONIGHT, Wednesday 7 March in the College Hall. 

  • Keep your Coles Sports for Schools Vouchers coming in!

  • Sports Day Raffle Books are coming home today please do your best to do your part and help support the provision of sports equipment at St Dominic's.

  • The Uniform Shop is CLOSED on Thursday 8 March and Monday 12 March.

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Sharing a Common Direction

Posted by St Dominic's Priory College on 28 February 2018
Sharing a Common Direction

Investiture Mass

In the privileged life which we enjoy here at St. Dominic's every day brings its own share of good things and, of course, things which can be tough. 

Yesterday's beautiful Mass for the Investiture of student leaders brought us all together around the aspirations of a young Christian Dominican Community.  Every person who spoke or read a prayer had something to offer us.  Rev Fr. James Valledares, our celebrant, repeated his refrain a number of times, "You, plus God, is a Majority," and basically he said you cannot do better than that.

Even if we only take one idea from those expressed, that will help us as the year progresses.  For example:

"when confronted by challenges help us to remain hopeful, motivated and diligent so that we can achieve our personal best"

St. Paul encouraged us in the reading from Paul to the Romans, "Live in harmony with one anotherlet love be genuine, .do not repay evil for evil We have gifts that differ according to the grace given to us"

John's Gospel summarised for us the servant leadership of Jesus to which we aspire.  The Gospel recounts Jesus washing of the feet of his disciples.  "You call me teacher and Lord - and you are right, for that is what I am. So, if I your Lord and Teacher have washed your feet you also ought to wash one another's feet."

May we remember these words and the truth they bring as the year continues.

Today's Bulletin is online now.

Upcoming Events

  • Old Scholars' Mass is on this Sunday, 4 March from 9:30am in the Chapel.  It will be followed by light refreshments in the Hall and the Old Scholars' Association AGM.

  • Sports Day Roster: The St Dominic's Priory College Sports Day will be held at Sacred Heart College on Sunday March 25.  Every family is asked to donate one hour of time to one activity and in this way enable those with extra responsibilities to watch their daughters' events.  Please sign up now:

  • Coles Sports for Schools: Collecting vouchers now!

  • Presentation to Parents new to the IB Middle Years Programme Wednesday 7 March from 7:00pm. Details inside the Bulletin.

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Parent Engagement

Posted by St Dominic's Priory College on 21 February 2018
Parent Engagement

In This Week's Bulletin:

  • There was some emphasis at each of the Parent Teacher nights on the key role parents play in providing boundaries for the safe use of technology.  Advice was given about:

  1. The importance of abiding by the legislation which makes it illegal to create a social media account until a child turns 13.
  2. Comprehensive but targeted info on the "Responsible Home Use of Social Media and Communication Devices."
  3. Information about the inherent risks of various social media platforms and apps; such as Wattpad - see inside today's Bulletin for more information.
  • The 2018 Sports Day Roster is now online.  Every family is asked to donate time to one activity for one hour and in this way enable those with extra responsibilities to watch their daughters' events.
  • Everything you need to know about the 2018 Old Scholars' Mass on Sunday March 4

  • There are still tickets left available for Sunday's fundraising screening of Finding Your Feet

  • Get your Coles Sports for Schools vouchers in now, and help support St Dominic's! 

  • Parents & Friends Meeting TONIGHT (Wednesday 21 February): We look forward to your company tonight at 7:30pm in the College Reception area.  All welcome.

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