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St Dominic's Day Mass

Posted by St Dominic's Priory College on 10 August 2016
St Dominic's Day Mass

Today's Bulletin is not to be missed.

It may be a short week here at St. Dominic's but there's no shortage of things happening!  In today's Bulletin, we feature a colourful spread of photos from yesterday's St Dominic's Day Mass, which utilised the new display screens in the Gym; the impressive electronic displays supplemented by a beautiful, 133 year timeline of Dominicans in North Adelaide as prepared by our students and printed to canvas. 

Also in today's edition:

  • An announcement in conjunction with Catholic Education SA, declaring the intention of Catholic Schools in SA to move Year 7 into the Secondary School.  In an R-12 school such as ours, Year 7s moved to the secondary side of Campus a few years ago, but from 2019 the transition of Year 7s from Parish Primary Schools will now take place after the completion of Year 6, thus affecting our 2020 Year 8s.  More details will follow.

  • We publish photos from last week's Parent Engagement Workshop on Literacy and Numeracy Growth Mindset and thank parents for their enthusiasm in attending.

  • We look back to week 1's Year 11 Canberra Trip.

  • There is Sporting News from Primary and Secondary, as well as news from the Library including information about the Premier's Reading Challenge and upcoming Book Week schedule.

Upcoming Dates

  • Fete Committee meets TONIGHT.  Parents & Friends meets Wednesday 17th August.

  • This Friday, 12th August, is our St Dominic's Day Holiday.

  • This weekend, universities around Adelaide are holding their UNIVERSITY OPEN DAYS.

  • Pot Planting Morning is 9am Saturday 20th August.

  • The Year 12 Drama Production of 'Eyes to the Floor' will take place in the Hall Thursday 25 and Friday 26 August from 7:30pm.  Tickets available at the door.

  • The much anticipated Parents and Friends Games Night has been scheduled for Friday 2nd September - see inside today's Bulletin for more details and get your table together now!

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Aurecon Bridge Building Competition SUCCESS!

Posted by St Dominic's Priory College on 3 August 2016
Aurecon Bridge Building Competition SUCCESS!

Congratulations to our two Year 9 Teams who placed FIRST and SECOND in the 2016 Competition!

This week's Bulletin features an exciting overview of last Thursday's Aurecon Bridge Building Competition, where two Year 9 teams from St. Dominic's competed against 23 other schools and took home the (two) top prizes.  This achievement was a culmination of many weeks spent in the FabLab at lunchtime, learning and practicing new skills as part of the College's STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) program.  Well done!

Also featured in this week's edition, which is available online here.

  • Ahead of next week's St Dominic's Day Mass, we celebrate the Dominicans of North Adelaide down the decades with a pictorial front page. 

  • There's a special double-spread of Primary News, including a Curriculum Update on Year 4 English, Year 6 Poetry and lots of pictures of our junior primary learning about Sustainability by cultivating their own worm farm.  Stay tuned next week, where the Primary page will feature feedback from last night's Parent
    Information Session on Growth Mindset

  • We publish the results from the SAPSASA Year 6/7 Basketball Carnival,  held at Wayville last Wednesday and also last Thursday's SSSSA Year 10 Knockout NetballNext week, our Year 4-7s will be off to Cross Country and we wish them well (and sunshine!).

  • Don't miss our News from Year 12,  including a summation of recent events in the senior Pastoral Care program as well as information about upcoming dates; including the Year 12 Drama Production of 'Eyes to the Floor'.  See inside for more details.


  • The WEEK 2 Fete Appeal is $2 for the POT PLANT STALL

REMEMBER: Families are welcome to submit the monetary component of the 2016 Fete Appeal ($24 per family) 'all-at-once'.  If you wish to do so, please submit your contribution (less any monies already paid) in a sealed envelope that is clearly labelled with your (eldest) daughter's name & class, by MONDAY 15 AUGUST.

  • The Parents & Friends is hosting a Morning Tea in the Primary Art Room from 9am this Friday (5 August) for parents who wish to learn more about how they may assist with the Fete (particularly our Auction), the largest fundraiser on our School Calendar.  We welcome all interested and available parents to take advantage of this informal opportunity to meet.  Please see inside the Bulletin or speak to your daughter's Class Reps (in Primary) for further details.

  • The Classic Treasures Stall and (new) Craft Stall has an ongoing appeal for donated goods. 

  • The next Fete Committee Meeting is on Wednesday 10 August.  7:30pm in the College Reception Area.

  • The first Pot Planting Morning is at 9am on Saturday 20 August.  Please see inside the Bulletin for further information. 

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Fete & Auction is on Sunday 30 October

Posted by St Dominic's Priory College on 27 July 2016

As Term 3 begins, so to does the 2016 Fete Appeal

We may only be three days in, but there is plenty of start of term notices as well as news from Week 10, Term 2 covered in today's Bulletin:

  • The 2016 Fete Appeal kicks off with a request of second-hand books and $2 for the Craft Stall (new stall).  SEE ALSO:-

    • CONVENING TEAMS: A Fete convening team is a group of 3-5 parents who plan and action what will happen on their stall and invite other parents to help them serve on Fete Day. We are inviting ideas and action people, people who like to be part of the groundwork 'behind the scenes'.

    • ALL-AT-ONCE DONATIONS: There are 12 weeks of appeals in the lead up to Fete; a total $24 cash contribution per family and six physical items (second-hand books, tinned food, baked goods etc).  Whilst contributions of physical appeal items are to be made during the specific week they are requested, families are welcome to submit cash donations All-at-Once.  This $24 cash donation (less any $2 appeals already paid) should be sent in with the reply slip published in today's Bulletin in a clearly labelled (and sealed) envelope by Monday 15 August.


      • Wednesday 10 August - Fete Committee Meeting (7:30pm in the College Reception Area) 

      • Monday 15 August - All-at-Once Donations due

      • Saturday 20 August - Pot Planting Morning (9am)

  • Saturday Morning Sport kicks off again THIS SATURDAY (30 July).  Good luck teams!

  • Literacy and Numeracy Growth Mindset Evening (for Primary Parents) is on Tuesday 2 August.  Please ensure you RSVP by either returning the reply slip or putting a note in your daughter's diary.

  • Wednesday 3 August is School Photo DayFull winter uniform is to be worn. 

Get your Bulletin online here.

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Dominicans Still Travelling in the 800th Year

Posted by St Dominic's Priory College on 6 July 2016
Dominicans Still Travelling in the 800th Year

From adventures on the Chocolate River, to Pilgrimages, Excursions and more...

These last two weeks of term have been filled with signs of hope and talent.  On last Thursday special guests from our brother school, Blackfriars, brought with them the travelling symbol of Dominic's journeys as well as a journal with entries from Dominican schools in Queensland, Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia.  During the coming Holidays, delegates from St. Dominic's will travel to Queensland, to pass these items on to San Sisto School, and participate in the Common Ground Conference with students from around the country.

Also in today's Bulletin, which is awash with colour...

  • Our Year 1 Class reflects on their recent lessons about Japan
  • The Year 3 Class visit the Living Kaurna Cultural Centre and share their thoughts
  • We congratulate sporting and LOTE successes, with, in particular, our Year 8-11 French Students scoring spectacularly well in the recent Language Perfect Championships
  • Photos from the 2016 College Production of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory are published
  • The convenors of our newest Fete Stall have a special request for those who may be feeling idle and up for some arts & craft during the holiday break.  See inside for more details...

The final Bulletin for Term 2 is available here.

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We go "away-away" with the Year 1s...

Posted by St Dominic's Priory College on 29 June 2016
We go "away-away" with the Year 1s...

...And build bridges with the wider Dominican community across Australia and abroad.

Celebrations commemorating 800 years of the Dominican Order continue this semester, with plenty of things happening over the next few weeks.  Read about them in Page 3 of today's Bulletin, alongside an insightful article about the importance of reading in the Curriculum (both at school and at home). 

There's also information about this week's School Production of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, next Wednesday's Fete Meeting and the 2016 Chocolate Drive.  To summarise:

  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory will be presented in the Hall on Thursday, Friday and Saturday night this week.  Doors open at 6:45pm for a 7:00pm start.
    Tickets can be purchased - cash only - from the door: $15 Adults, $10 Child / Concession.
  • The Fete Committee will meet in the College Reception area on Wednesday 6th July.  7pm Pizza dinner followed by a 7:30pm meeting start.  Please let us know via the reply slip in the Bulletin if you are able to attend.  All welcome.
  • Chocolates for the 2016 Chocolate Drive will come home with the eldest child of each family on Thursday 7th July.  Thank you to those families who have chosen to donate in lieu of participating.

Get your Bulletin online here.

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